Your World Becomes A Weapon When You’re A Martial ArtistAction movies aren’t always accurate. They just aren’t, they are comedic in how far they push the envelope to entertain. However, there is one concept that you need to understand on a whole new level. That is the concept that your world is a weapon when you’re a martial artist. You may immediately think about the movie “Rush Hour” because Jackie Chan plays this up to a very interesting manner. The truth is, that’s a concept of spirituality and kung fu that most people gloss over. It is not meant for you to go around your house picking up objects and getting ready for a fight, but rather an example of how a well-disciplined individual can view the world around them when chaos reigns.


The first thing that you need to understand about this concept is that it’s a distraction. If someone is coming after you, your best bet in the situation is to distract. If you can get a knife wielding individual to look away, they are going to loosen their grip just a tad and will look at something else for a split second. With that, you can disarm them fast. This is not something that you try if you’re not disciplined, or if you’re just new at martial arts. You train, you learn, and become hyper aware of your surroundings.


Another concept of this is to cause literal pain. If someone is attacking you or someone you know, you want to inflict pain to a point. You’re not trying to kill someone, don’t get this confused. A vase over the head in a home invasion, for example, helps you get control of what is otherwise chaos reigning. Inflicting pain is not the main goal of karate, kung fu, or anything you learn. However, if that is your last resort or if that will give you power over a situation, then you have to act fast. You’ll find that this relays to regular life when someone is attacking you in a furnished setting, or even in your home.

Staying Calm

The number one thing that you will learn about the notion of self-defense and fighting with whatever you have around you, is calmness. Being calm in a storm is hard for the average person. You will find that if you train correctly, you’re going to reach a stage where nothing rattles you, and the chair next to you becomes a tool for defense.

This may all seem comedic to some. You may even think that Jackie Chan is just entertaining, but it’s a true concept of martial arts as a whole. You’re not always going to have weapons with you, you’re not always going to be in a scenario like that on film, but if it happens, your hyper awareness of the surrounding elements is necessary. This is a perception that is defined by the senses, and a spiritual side of martial arts well worth exploring as a whole.

Standing Untied We Pack A Punch.

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