Why All Police Officers Need To Learn Martial ArtsSome people may immediately say that law enforcement already learns martial arts. Well, that may be true to a certain respect, but they should also learn beyond the training that they receive on the job and through the academy. In fact, all major positions of enforcement should take on a class of learning for a lifetime. There are several reasons why this matters and if you or someone you know is an office, they should consider this on a deeper level. You may not agree at first glance, but when you think about it, nothing bad will come of this at all.

Controlling Violence

Can you really control violence? Not really. However, officers have to learn how to control situations that can be very volatile and chaotic. Sometimes the answer is to wait and call for back up, but when someone is charging, instinct has to take over and decisions need to be made fast. If the call is to shoot someone, then fatalities can prove to be very difficult to navigate through. However, when training in self-defense on a deep level, that same attacker with a knife may be disarmed through distraction and mobility. Learning how to disarm someone fast, using all senses, focusing on the world around you, and deal with kung fu, karate, or any number of disciplines can change the course of a situation fast.

Gaining More Confidence

Stopping someone from attacking, preventing an abusive husband from striking his wife, or just holding someone down until help can arrive is important, and all of that can be taught, reinforced, and strengthened through a lifelong commitment to learning how to fight. This is not for the average citizen, it’s for officers. As a police officer, fighting has to be part of the learning process. The goal is not to pick fights but if someone is going to swing, and you must stay calm, confidence needs to not be a matter of turning it on and off, but rather something that has to be inherent in the mind. The body reacts to the impulses of the brain, and second nature has to be there, you have to control lightening that strikes daily.

Protecting The Public

Police officers have a job that is demanding, and sometimes it’s chaotic. Protecting the public can be a difficult thing to do, and there’s so many elements that play into this world. Learning martial arts on a deeper level, and making a commitment for a life time will help with procedure, arresting criminals, and dealing with domestic violence. It’s hard to control chaos, but a calm demeanor, police training, and self-defense can go a long way.

Standing United We Pack A Punch.

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