If you have a trained any type of martial art for more than a couple of years, this site is for you.  The modern samurai society recognizes that serious martial artists share certain qualities or philosophy not just on the martial arts, but in how we conduct ourselves in everyday life.  We strive towards continual self improvement not just in our art of choice, but in every aspect of our existence that matters to us.  In essence, we strive to attain the embodiment of the modern samurai.

Membership is free to those with a martial background.  I encourage you to submit a picture, and a Bio to allow other members to know their fellow modern samurai.  Feel free to include details of your own philosophy on the martial arts.  If you are an instructor, or run your own club, please submit a picture of your club, and a short write up containing any details you would like us to know;  training schedule, location, upcoming events, and any other information pertaining to your club. Send Pic and bio to: viperfist-at-gmail-dot-com

A bit about me.  I entered my first martial arts training class at the tender age of 11 in 1983.  I have trained seriously in five separate styles of martial arts, and attended countless seminars spanning different countries, states, territories,  and provinces.  Over the years it became obvious to me.  Regardless of your background, sex, art or style you practice, certain qualities/traits/characteristics are present in those individuals who are attracted to, and stick with the martial arts for any length of time.  These attributes will be explored in depth in upcoming articles on this site. 

You’ll also find detailed accounts of self defense in action, and amazing instructional tips for the student as well as the instructor to aid you in every aspect of your journey. So please enjoy the content assembled here for you, and comment on the articles, adding your own wisdom that you have learned from your own martial journey.  Remember, “standing united, we pack a punch!”


Al Bargen

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About Al Bargen

Al Bargen regularly writes on the topics of fat loss, fitness and the martial arts. His articles, reports, videos, and now books help you achieve not only your fat loss and fitness goals, but also in areas of self defense, and personal protection. With over 25 years of experience in these areas, Al is a genuine expert.

Disclosure - Many articles will contain affiliate links for recommended products or services. These are personally used and reviewed by Al and he’ll receive commission for any resulting in sales.

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