Uses of Martial Arts in The Real World People assume that you’re going to be learning karate, kung fu, or any discipline and be the next Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. They’ll mime chops, and make sounds when you tell them that you are studying any form of self defense. It will be a constant thing, so don’t be surprised when someone is ignorant about the reality of what you’re doing and be ready for questions. If you or someone you know doesn’t see why you need to train in martial arts or will scoff at the notion, present it in a different light.

Martial Arts Isn’t All Fighting

If you think that you’re going to be fighting bad guys and becoming Batman at the end of your classes, you’re wrong. Training in any field of self-defense is about lifelong learning, body control, respect, honor, and building self esteem. Yes, there are moments where you can use that to protect yourself and others, but the goal is not to train the next vigilante on the streets. That’s nonsense and it should not be your goal.

Stronger Balance

Balance is something that will pay off dividends. For the teenager, if you can control your balance you can be extreme if you want. Want to be a pro skater? Ok, learn to discipline your legs and body. If you can learn how to manipulate your legs, have control of your weight, and distribute your force evenly, things like a kick flip, ollie, grind, or any trick you want to learn becomes easier. Balance is key to skateboarding, and being extreme in sports, and if you can learn how to stretch and move your body, you will learn faster than others and use momentum to your advantage.

Increased Grip Strength

Strength matters a great deal, especially when it comes to grip. You may never be dangling over a heights and have to save someone, but wouldn’t you want to know if you could? Or perhaps you just want to open jars better, or any number of utilitarian things, grip matters. A good grip helps in golf, baseball, softball, and a lot of other sports. Want to get better with them? Train in martial arts and see how your strength becomes more concentrated for grip and beyond.

Perhaps the biggest thing that you will find attractive about all of this is weight loss. You can lose weight through learning this craft in any form, and see yourself in a whole new life. There’s a reason why masters of martial arts are lean, balanced, quick on their feet, and able to move through a variety of arduous work outs, and you can too, if you train properly.

Standing United We Pack A Punch.

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