Since the inception of the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) back in 1993, the sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has sky-rocketed into the fastest growing sports phenomenon on the planet! MMA is a combat sport where two competitors attempt to defeat one another by utilizing a wide variety of martial arts techniques, including striking and submission grappling. With the increased interest in The Ultimate Fighting Championship, The Hit Reality Show “The Ultimate Fighter” and Mixed Martial Arts starting to hit the mainstream media, people finally are getting to see what this style of fighting is really about.


If you are truly interested in Mixed Martial Arts you’ve found the right place. There are many schools claiming to be able to train you in Mixed Martial Arts but you need to be very careful. Many of these instructors have never fought in a MMA event ever or trained a MMA fighter at a high level. Anyone can throw a fighter into a local event and say that they do Mixed Martial Arts but you should want something better for yourself.

Whether you choose our school or not, make sure that you choose a school that has a proven record to help you reach your goals. Toshido MMA has produced numerous National Champions, a World Champion, and took local fighter Rory MacDonald from a complete beginner to one of the hottest prospects in the UFC! There is no other school like Toshido MMA!


All Toshido MMA Instructors are current or former professional fighters with many years of training and real world experience. Our Instructors have proven the effectiveness of our system time and time again, utilizing our techniques in the cage and in the ring – at the national and international level since 1998. The difference between joining Toshido MMA and other academies is that with us, you know that the techniques we are teaching you will work, since we have applied them before in actual competition. We are 100% confident that our style of Mixed Martial Arts is the BEST anywhere, and we prove it on a regular basis!


You will never be pressured to compete! MMA Competition isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t train like a fighter and get the same amazing mental and physical benefits that a true MMA program can offer. Yes, we have one of the top Professional MMA Teams in the Country, but the majority of our students have no desire to ever step into the cage themselves, and train for fitness, fun, and World Class Self-Defense! At the same time, you will be able to train along side our team of Professional Fighters!


Whether you are a total beginner or a professional fighter, Toshido MMA will help you reach your goals! No Experience Necessary! You can be tall, short, fat, skinny, young, or old – It doesn’t matter! Everyone will benefit from the BEST workout available that will increase your self-confidence while learning the BEST way to defend yourself!

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