The Peaceful Nature of Martial Arts For all the violence that people perceive from martial arts, there is a soft side that few people get to engage with. Many people just look at the pursuit of fighting, and self defense as the sole purpose for training, but that’s wrong. There is more than meets the eye here, and that’s something that is deserving of more exploration than people are giving to many of the arts today. You will find that within the landscape of disciplines of fighting, there is spirituality at the crux of it all.

The Balance of Life

If you take a step back and truly understand the nature of life, you will realize that it’s a matter of balance. When you are balancing everything correctly, you will see that there is a beauty to it all. The fluidity of the body in motion, the range of motion that you can pursue within some of the most compelling elements of martial arts, and various different pursuits within the world of fighting are a matter of balancing chaos and order. If there is no balance, then the art that makes up these disciplines is lost.

Seeking Spiritual Things

Some people are religious, others have a disdain for it. Within the umbrella of martial arts, there is a unity between the body and mind, seeking spiritual elements is nothing that is farfetched. In fact, the goal of the fighter is to have a peaceful existence, and when there is a disturbance here, the goal is to fight back to organize it. When you’re training, you are not necessarily trying to fit into a box of religious ceremony, but you have to understand that there are intangible qualities to the human existence. The thoughts, the ideas, creativity, and art of fighting all come through the brain, and while we cannot touch it, it is there and it unifies our body. It’s with that mentality, that there is a spiritual side to martial arts that should not be forgotten. Anyone can exercise, but it takes a pursuit of greater things to master elements of kung fu, karate, ju-jitsu, or any other discipline.

Freeing The Captive Mind

Our minds are at attack at all times. They flow through negative cycles, and can end up being frustrated, tired, and even bored. To become a fighter, it is important to seek out release of the captivity that our minds can confine us within. That means finding time to relax, meditate, and just be alone. Realigning thoughts, ideas, refreshing the breathing patterns, and concentrating on the beauty that is around us can help with freeing the bondage of stress. Within that world, you will see how important martial arts is as a whole, and not just a matter of fighting.


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