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Hi, I’m Al Bargen and I have long been fascinated with Krav Maga. Having practiced arts like JuJitsu and JKD for several years, practical, effective martial arts appeal to me. This is why I write about this particular art today. It is practical and effective, and a great choice for self-defense.

 Krav Maga is a form of self-defense developed by Israeli military and police.  This training helps you to defend yourself in real world situations.  The object is to stay safe by getting away from your attacker. At the same time you won’t fear having to battle in a confrontation if necessary.

 There are many benefits to participating in self-defense training.  Obviously you’ll be able to fend off an attacker in many different situations when you train properly.  But you’ll get many benefits even if you’re never faced with that situation. You react how you train after all.

 Learning self-defense techniques, especially those in Krav Maga, can help you to feel more confident in your everyday life.  You’ll feel more alert and you’ll know how you can avoid danger.  This may prevent you from ever having to use any striking or kicking skills.

 You’ll also develop a better sense of balance and coordination by learning and continuing to practice the skills of the program.  The more you practice, the more naturally the moves will come to you and the easier it will be to stay on your feet. 

 Even when you’re not performing self-defense you’ll have better balance and coordination which can prevent injuries.  Practicing regularly will also help you to have the ability to think critically and come up with quick strategies that will protect you.

 Krav Maga is a particularly good practice because it takes learning outside the classroom on occasion. You’ll learn how to face real life situations that might cause fear or anxiety and come out ahead.

 This type of self-defense will also train you to work well under pressure. I have wrote many times on the amazing stress relief a few rounds on the heavy bag can have. Let’s face it, there are many different kinds of stress in life, but Krav Maga can prepare you to handle stress in any of them so that you’re more confident and at ease.

 It’s important that you study this art with a professional instructor in order to get these benefits.  This technique can be learned fairly quickly when you compare it to other types of martial arts training. 

 However, consistent practice with experts will help you to keep your skills sharp and help you to improve in you weaker areas.  Look for an instructor certified by Krav Maga Worldwide to know that he or she has adequate training.

 Question: What is your experience with Krav Maga?

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