Soke Serge LaFlamme is the W.E.B.B.S.I.C. for North America He is the founder on the international Arts and Science of Ki Society which includes: the Global Ki System(Kishin Yoga, Budo and Meditation), Shin Budo Association and Synerkiology, science in spirituosophy  founded on a professional coaching and programs oriented on the mind clearness approach.


Soke Serge Laflamme has 40 years of experience in martial arts and combat sports (Jujitsu, Budo, Karate, Judo, wrestling, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing…) and he is an international’s instructor level.


He received in 2002, the title of Soke by Hanshi Vincent Cruz, ITSMAF (International San Ten Martial Arts federation). He is also an author and a lecturer. He wrote 5 books, among which the last one, The Treaty of the modern Samurai, published by Viamedias, in Paris (2009).

Serge has written several books. Some of them are on Amazon here… Serge LaFlamme’s Books



 1989 – 2001  –  Professional trainer and fighter (Kickboxing, MMA)

1992 – 1998  –  Professional Stuntman

1989 9 1998  –  Amateur Kickboxing referee (400 bouts).

1996 – 1997  –  Lead Donattelo, Ninja Turtles, The next Mutation (TV series Fox Channel).

1989 et 1990  –  2 ratifications on the Guinness Book of  Record (breaking of concrete blocks).

1989  –  World record (100 concrete blocks in 21.7 seconds )


Internatinal Co-ordinator for North America
Soke Serge LaFlamme
7th Dan Budo – Ju-Jitsu
Phone: 438-381-6922

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