Modern Samurai SocietyKung fu movies are not reality, society should know that by now. If you are a big fan, you know this to be true, and while there are some truths to be found within the fighting styles and elements you see, most of it is chocked up to entertainment. Even though there are a lot of different myths associated with these movies, you will find that there are some simple lessons that you can gather from the most insane movies in the lexicon of action cinema. Some are outlandish, but there is wisdom in the world of these movies that will have you thinking twice about the real world of martial arts as a whole.

Kung Fu Is About Peace

If you look at any movie, including many of the movies from The Shaw Brothers, you will find that peace is at the helm of the purpose of individuals that are mastering any form. The elder masters always talk about peace, harmony, and spiritual elements. It’s only when a violent world impedes on them that they raise their hands, and even then, they do not fight immediately. Most back down, and instead of fighting, they forgive, offer grace, and mercy to their enemies. This is the true nature of martial arts.

Teaching Others

The climax of “Kung Fu Hustle” is by far one of the most comedic and insane pieces of film. Stephen Chow’s ridiculous “Buddha’s Palm” technique completely destroys the villain, and after all the chaos and humiliation, what occurs? The victor asks if the loser would like to learn, because he can teach him the method. This is unheard of, and goes back to the peaceful nature of spiritual martial arts training. The purpose of mastering these arts is not so that one can put themselves on a pedestal, it’s to pass the tradition on, teach someone else, and unify the notion of learning and education. The cycle never ends, it continues through instruction etc.

Kung Fu Conquers All

If there’s any lesson that you can learn from any movie, even the movies that featured jumping dead vampires is simple, martial arts, kung fu, aikido, any discipline really could very well save your life and the lives of others at any given moment. Sure, you’re not going to have to face off against a mob syndicate, but you may need to stop a knife wielding robber one day, or you may need to chase down a thug that stole an old lady’s purse. In the training, you don’t wish for these things to ever happen, but if they do, you’ll know what to do without even thinking twice.

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