Grand Master George Dunmow 210th Dan Iga Ryu Ninpo Ninjutsu


Grand Master George Dunmow has been studying the martial arts for 48 years having practiced Judo, Karate, Sulkido, Ju-jitsu, Aki-jutsu, Tae Kwon Do and various styles of Kung-Fu before settling with Ninjutsu over 30 years ago.

Grand Master George Dunmow first started Ninjutsu training with the BBD but left after he attended his first Taikai led by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. He realising that the BBD was not directly affiliated with the Soke Hatsumi Bujinkan and what was being taught was nothing like real Ninjutsu.

Whilst training in Tugaryue Ninjutsu Grand Master George Dunmow received his 6th Dan Black belt in 1994. This grade was also accepted be the Japanese International Martial Arts Federation (I.M.A.F.)

Wanting to gain more experience with Ninjutsu Grand Master George Dunmow travelled to Japan, Israel and the USA visiting different dojo’s and trained in different Ninjutsu systems. While in Northern Japan Grand Master George Dunmow trained in the Iga-Ryu Nimpo Ninjutsu system and was awarded his 10th Dan in 2012

Grand Master George Dunmow is looking to open up Ninjutsu classes throughout the UK and Europe. If anyone is interested in becoming a qualified instructor in this this fascinating martial art please enquire by email:

Grand Master George Dunmow is also a qualified Craniosacral Therapist, Amatsu Therapist Master, Reki Master, Energy Healer, ( He is also a Professional Life, Personal Performance and Business Coach. (

Iga-Ryu Ninpo Ninjutsu offers classes for all ages, from children age 10 to 15 and adults aged 16 and above. Our schools are a great place that you can spend time with friends who share your commitment to learn Ninjutsu.

Children will learn traditional and modern Ninjutsu techniques (including Sword, Tanto, Handbo). All children’s weapons are specially designed, safety foam coated plastic.Ninjutsu will keep them physically fit and healthy, basic breathing teq’s will help develop their concentration and most importantly a strong spirit to help them deal with bullies without fighting.

The adults are taught Traditional Ninjutsu where you will learn realistic self-defense techniques that help you deal with stress and threat situations (armed and unarmed).They will also learn to use traditional Ninjutsu Weapons (Sword, Tanto, Handbo etc).The training will not just keep you physically fit and healthy, it will will also help you develop an all round better lifestyle.

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