Although I support more than one cause, the charity I am focusing on in 2014 is kidsport Canada. After looking into a great number of excellent causes,  Kidsport Canada really gives back. Practically every penny you donate reaches a child in need of support.

I love to write about the martial arts on this website, and will soon have my first book in the martial arts finished. It will be called “This Time It’s For Real” with the sub-title to be announced soon.  When this book is available for sale, I will donate 10% of the proceeds to Kidsport the way I do for my Fat loss book as detailed below.

Last year, Cheeseburger Abs donated 10% of all book sales to Kidsport Canada and put a group of fearless men together to run the Spartan Beast Race at SunPeaks Resort in order to support the charity. (see video below)

Getting the children and youth of today involved in a lifestyle of physical fitness and fun activities will lay the foundation for  successful, happy and healthy leaders of tomorrow… or at least happy kids.

More information from the Kidsport website

We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. KidSport™ provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport.


By providing kids with an opportunity to participate in sport programs, KidSport encourages:

  • developing early physical activity habits that will help increase the probability that kids will remain active in adulthood
  • getting kids active in sport programs when they are young to develop a strong and healthy community for the future
  • helping to create these opportunities for sport participation and playing a significant role in supporting many under-represented families in Canada facing economic obstacles


The immediate goals that drive all KidSport Canada initiatives are:

  • To acquire sustainable revenue to maintain KidSport Canada’s day-to-day operations that, in turn, support our network of 11 provincial and territorial chapters.
  • To generate sufficient long-term revenue to help subsidize the activities and grant applications of provincial and territorial chapters and over 175 community chapters.
  • To increase awareness of the KidSport program in more communities with children and youth in need.
  • To develop new alliances that will lead to increased financial support so that more children and youth are participating in organized sport.
  • To continue creating accessible or no cost initiatives for children and youth with social, financial or physical literacy barriers.
  • To become a catalyst for healthier and more active children and youth in Canada.

To make a donation of your own, go straight to their page…


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