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Hi, I’m Al Bargen and I have long been fascinated with Krav Maga. Having practiced arts like JuJitsu and JKD for several years, practical, effective martial arts appeal to me. This is why I write about this particular art today. It is practical and effective, and a great choice for self-defense.

 Krav Maga is a form of self-defense developed by Israeli military and police.  This training helps you to defend yourself in real world situations.  The object is to stay safe by getting away from your attacker. At the same time you won’t fear having to battle in a confrontation if necessary. Continue reading

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Modern Samurai Society Jigoro KanoJudo – The Gentle Way

Judo is known as an Olympic sport, martial art and self defense system that has its roots in the ancient samurai traditions. The main objective in Judo is to take the fight to the ground, and then immobilize the opponent with either a joint lock or a choke. Judo also teaches strikes and thrusts using the hand and feet but only as a means of defense against weapons, and are not allowed in free practice or competitions.

Due to its effectiveness, Judo has given birth to a number of offshoots like Sambo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and it’s highly popular in MMA where ground fighting is an important part of any fight, or sparring session.

My first exposure to the art was having a Jeet Kune Do training partner who had 8 years of experience with Judo. This guy could literally have his way with me (or any other individual in our club) once he got a hold of you. It was so frustrating dealing with his grip, and his ability to throw me to the mat, and deliver a “pants down spanking” with his holds, and joint manipulation techniques. Luckily, I had several years of Karate before the JKD days, so at least I could deliver my own forms of retribution once we were on our feet again. But back to Judo. Continue reading

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modern samurai society AikidoAikido “The way of harmonious spirit”


Aikido is a Japanese martial art that mesmerizes through its apparent simplicity and effectiveness. Most martial artists see Aikido as a martial art that solely focuses on self defense, though this is only partially true. Truth is that Aikido was born out of a philosophy, out of its founder’s desire to find peace of heart. This is why Aikido is a martial art that focuses on using the opponent’s strength while at the same time, protecting the opponent from serious injury. In some way, we could say that Aikido is a martial art that at its core focuses only on resolving the conflict in the most peaceful way possible. Continue reading

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Modern Samurai Society NinjaNinjutsu – The Art of the Ninja

All throughout history, no other martial art was more surrounded by mystery than Ninjutsu. Since the dawn of time, in Feudal Japan, the ninjas (shinobi) were seen as almost supernatural beings, deadly assassins and spies who did what nobody else was capable of doing.

Having started karate in the early eighties, I was absolutely ready to set myself on the path to becoming a true ninja.  In fact, the very year I started training karate, the movie “Revenge of the Ninja” was released.  At the time, I thought Sho Kosugi was possibly the coolest man alive.  I started buying up every ninja magazine I could get my hands on.  I even manufactured my own ninja swords out of some of the school’s yardsticks…  Man those simple yard sticks looked great when you gave them a handle, guard, and spray painted the blade with silver spray paint! Continue reading

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