bigstock-portrait-of-fighteris-applying-46250062Whenever you face people that don’t know anything about martial arts, they always assume the most ridiculous things. You’ll find that everyone that you come in contact with won’t be this way, but there are some that are going to immediately ask for a demonstration, or will give you an air chop. Stereotypes abound when it comes to training in any discipline, and it’s no different for this world, which is why it’s important to navigate things with care. The following are just 3 things that most people don’t really know about this world.

Not Every Prominent Martial Artist Aspires To Be Bruce Lee

This is not to say that Bruce Lee wasn’t an icon, or to diminish his credibility or fighting methods. It is simply to state that not everyone is training within Jeet Kune Do or any of the elements of his style. It won’t stop your friends for family from asking if you’ve ever seen “Enter The Dragon”, or their favorite movie starring Bruce Lee. It may not stop them from emulating and pretending to be him by mimicking sounds and actions. There are many teachers, athletes, and trainers in this world, and some of them are in fact inspirational, not just The Dragon. Continue reading

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Picture Courtesy of Kasey Lane Photography (63)There’s a lot things that you will learn when you take classes within any martial arts school. Whether you’re training for weight loss, or you want to take your self-defense courses into the Olympic world, you will find that there are a few things that you should never, ever do. There’s a serious lack of respect when you are caught up in the wrong things, and you use your knowledge to either harm others or yourself. There’s a reason why you learn any of the disciplines in this world, and if you do anything below, you’re not treating it with proper reverence.

Intentionally Harm Others (For No Reason)

There is no reason to hit someone, or force yourself against someone, including sexual assault, domestic abuse, or any form of harm that is not self-defense. When you learn fighting arts, you do so with respect, reverence, and honor. There is no honor in hurting someone, even a criminal that you’ve subdued and holding for law enforcement to take over. Intentionally harming someone is unfair, and not a good thing, ever.

Skip Your Training For Frivolous Reasons

There is never a good excuse to skip training. Regardless of whether or not you feel entitled to because you’ve paid for lessons or not. If you are going to train with a teacher, make sure that you’re on time, you respect the rules and you do not skip your training for any reason other than serious issues. Death in the family, physical trauma to your loved ones, or something “serious” for yourself is the only reason. Continue reading

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Modern Samurai Society - Kickboxing Do'l and Don'ts-small

Kickboxing is not just a fitness fad. It’s definitely here to stay! The exercise routines involved in are not only good for your body, but also for your mindset. The high-intensity workout helps burn tremendous amounts of calories to support weight loss.  You’ll find you lose weight as well as sculpt and tone your body more quickly than with most exercise routines. What’s more, you’ll produce mood-boosting hormones while you train!

The fast paced, intense practice burns between 450 and 900 calories per hour. However, since kickboxing is an action packed regimen, it is clearly not for everyone. As a beginner, there are some things that you have to remember to prevent injuries. Take note of the following Do’s and Don’ts stated below:


Always start with an exercise regimen for beginners. Kickboxing is not your typical calorie-blasting workout because it requires the right use of technique. Allow yourself to learn and practice the basic techniques before you move to more advanced levels. You will have lower chance for injury by learning the basic moves and proper form correctly.

Warm up and stretch before you workout to prevent muscle imbalance and injury.  Stretching can help improve flexibility and overall kickboxing performance. Generally, the best time to stretch is after you warm up for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after the workout. You are going to “bust a sweat” and you need to replenish lost fluids so you can keep going. Continue reading

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Modern Samurai Society - Woman who KickboxHello, Al Bargen here. Kickboxing is no longer a practice reserved for the male population. Today, more women are entering into the kickboxing arena for a high-cardio, confidence building workout.  There are women-only exercise academies and gyms available in most cities.   

 Here are the top 3 benefits of kickboxing that may convince you to enroll in a class or buy a cardio kickboxing workout DVD:

 1.) Confidence building

 Women who kickbox are generally more confident. This martial art allows them to feel good about themselves in so many ways. With kickboxing, you will be able to improve how your body looks while learning several self-defense moves at the same time. You build confidence as you gain inner and outer strength.

 Kickboxing is popular in with female celebrities, too. Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes, Ashley Green and Carmen Electra keep toned with regular workouts. Everything about these ladies radiates with confidence and strength. Continue reading

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imagesOne of the main things to keep in mind when dealing with an attacker is the idea of self defense. It’s close combat, not sports. There are no rules, and everything can be a weapon.

Unarmed and Attacked

Outside of the training area, you will most likely find yourself unprotected, when the need to use your self-defense skills arises.

Somebody is attacking you in a bar, on your way to your car, or even inside your own home. And you might neither be prepared nor armed.

Learn to Spot a Weapon

Everything can be a weapon, but of course, some items are more suited than others.

You should train yourself up to be able to spot potential weapons as fast as possible in case you need it one day. Continue reading

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White Belt Modern Samurai SocietyWhen to start them out

I was driving around town yesterday, and noticed a sign on the side of the road advertising a martial arts class.  What caught my attention is that the sign was looking for three and four year olds for a kid’s class.  Teaching a three year old karate.  Now I don’t know about you, but when I was teaching a kid’s class, I didn’t accept students under seven years of age.  There was one exception however… Continue reading

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outdoor bicycleExpose Yourself

I just love this time of year.  There are so many opportunities to cross train your chosen martial art outside of the gym, or dojo that I can’t help but get an ear to ear grin when thinking of the possibilities.  But there’s more to it than the benefits of having a variety of training methods. Personally, there are few things out there that remove stress from my life more than performing as many rounds on the heavy bag as I can in one session.  But when you’re looking to de-stress with a little bit of cross training, taking it outside can be so healthy for you, and one of the reasons is the sun!

I fear that far too many people are afraid of the sun.  “Make sure to put on your SPF 100 sunscreen before going out into the sun!” this seems to be the common mantra.  The problem is, if you cover up too much, and avoid the sun altogether, you miss out on some amazing benefits. Continue reading

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