If you have a trained any type of martial art for more than a couple of years, this site is for you.  The modern samurai society recognizes that serious martial artists share certain qualities or philosophy not just on the martial arts, but in how we conduct ourselves in everyday life.  We strive towards continual self improvement not just in our art of choice, but in every aspect of our existence that matters to us.  In essence, we strive to attain the embodiment of the modern samurai.
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3 Great Reasons Women Need To Learn Martial Arts Today Women are often times victims of abuse that is atrocious. There’s no excuse for anyone to hit a woman, and yet it happens a great deal. Violence erupts in the home, on the streets, in the job, in school yards, and often it is not men doing this alone, it’s women against each other and it’s chaotic to say the least. All women should learn martial arts, and there are some major reasons for this in our modern society. It would be nice to think that there is no need for it, but that’s not true, there is a need for it and it’s more important than ever.

Domestic Abuse

There is nothing that can prepare you for domestic abuse, and it’s something that has come to the forefront of the public opinion due to many situations going into the mainstream news. There is no excuse for this, and for women, this is a life shattering world to be in. Training in martial arts is not to be seen as a preparation for this, but rather a way to at least curb it enough to call for help. Before a hand is raised, confidence in knowing that you can at least protect yourself is good. It can help, it’s not the answer, it’s a minor solution that can at least help for a moment and that moment can be used to call for help. Continue reading

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The Peaceful Nature of Martial Arts For all the violence that people perceive from martial arts, there is a soft side that few people get to engage with. Many people just look at the pursuit of fighting, and self defense as the sole purpose for training, but that’s wrong. There is more than meets the eye here, and that’s something that is deserving of more exploration than people are giving to many of the arts today. You will find that within the landscape of disciplines of fighting, there is spirituality at the crux of it all.

The Balance of Life

If you take a step back and truly understand the nature of life, you will realize that it’s a matter of balance. When you are balancing everything correctly, you will see that there is a beauty to it all. The fluidity of the body in motion, the range of motion that you can pursue within some of the most compelling elements of martial arts, and various different pursuits within the world of fighting are a matter of balancing chaos and order. If there is no balance, then the art that makes up these disciplines is lost. Continue reading

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Life Long Success And Martial ArtsThere are millions of parents today that aren’t sure how to keep their kids from running wild today. Whether it’s due to over stimulation thanks to media, or just a lot of energy from childhood, there’s a lot of parents that are tired and are struggling to keep it together. With work, bills, and more piling onto the shoulders of many parents, things can be very painstaking to say the least. The solution that many people give is simple, get children enrolled with activities that are physical, teach confidence and instruct a lifelong learning process.

The Martial Arts Method

When you enroll a child into a good martial arts program, you are not just going to gain a semblance of peace for a time, you will have other benefits. You will see them grow up with respect, pull in their bad habits, and create a reverence for adults, and others. Continue reading

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Uses of Martial Arts in The Real World People assume that you’re going to be learning karate, kung fu, or any discipline and be the next Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. They’ll mime chops, and make sounds when you tell them that you are studying any form of self defense. It will be a constant thing, so don’t be surprised when someone is ignorant about the reality of what you’re doing and be ready for questions. If you or someone you know doesn’t see why you need to train in martial arts or will scoff at the notion, present it in a different light.

Martial Arts Isn’t All Fighting

If you think that you’re going to be fighting bad guys and becoming Batman at the end of your classes, you’re wrong. Training in any field of self-defense is about lifelong learning, body control, respect, honor, and building self esteem. Continue reading

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Why All Police Officers Need To Learn Martial ArtsSome people may immediately say that law enforcement already learns martial arts. Well, that may be true to a certain respect, but they should also learn beyond the training that they receive on the job and through the academy. In fact, all major positions of enforcement should take on a class of learning for a lifetime. There are several reasons why this matters and if you or someone you know is an office, they should consider this on a deeper level. You may not agree at first glance, but when you think about it, nothing bad will come of this at all.

Controlling Violence

Can you really control violence? Not really. However, officers have to learn how to control situations that can be very volatile and chaotic. Continue reading

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Your World Becomes A Weapon When You’re A Martial ArtistAction movies aren’t always accurate. They just aren’t, they are comedic in how far they push the envelope to entertain. However, there is one concept that you need to understand on a whole new level. That is the concept that your world is a weapon when you’re a martial artist. You may immediately think about the movie “Rush Hour” because Jackie Chan plays this up to a very interesting manner. The truth is, that’s a concept of spirituality and kung fu that most people gloss over. It is not meant for you to go around your house picking up objects and getting ready for a fight, but rather an example of how a well-disciplined individual can view the world around them when chaos reigns.


The first thing that you need to understand about this concept is that it’s a distraction. If someone is coming after you, your best bet in the situation is to distract. If you can get a knife wielding individual to look away, they are going to loosen their grip just a tad and will look at something else for a split second. With that, you can disarm them fast. This is not something that you try if you’re not disciplined, or if you’re just new at martial arts. You train, you learn, and become hyper aware of your surroundings. Continue reading

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More Major Reasons People Fail At Learning Martial Arts The majority of people don’t think about learning for a lifetime. The cycle of learning for most people usually means that they are working within the boundaries of school, or training for a job. Once the job is acquired, after the degree has been completed, a grand majority of adults stop learning in various disciplines. That’s the biggest problem that teachers in martial arts face, because the idea of mastering any discipline is far gone, and not something that most people want to hear.

The Money Issue

When approaching a school to learn self-defense, a teacher may say that the principles are a life long journey of learning. Continue reading

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Dancing With Martial Arts in Mind

Many people forget that Bruce Lee was an incredible dancer. He likened the skill set of kung fu to a form of dancing, meaning that there were steps to follow through within. Dancing is something that most men do not know how to do. Even some modern martial artist don’t know how to do it. Just think Jean Claude Van Damme’s performance in several movies where he was dancing and you’ll realize that most fighters forget this notion. Are the two the same? No, but there is a relationship there that is definitely worth exploring for a lot of different reasons.

Impressing Your Beloved

If you have a significant other, learn martial arts. Not because it is going to make you a better dancer, but because it is going to show you how to learn specific things about your body that you can then translate into dancing. Take a class in kung fu, and then go to a class for dancing. You will see that your learning curve will be easier to manage when you understand the symbiotic relationship that comes with learning both art forms. That’s right, you will have this second life with your body that will impress your beloved fast. Not only that, you will learn confidence, self-defense, and will feel powerful. There’s also other fringe benefits to learning these two things, but keep it simple, learn both. Continue reading

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Stamina And The Fighting ArtsYou could learn how to throw a punch, land a kick, and even throw someone with great momentum. But what good will all those things be if you have no stamina? You may see this happen all the time, a boxer goes into the ring and grows tired far before his full 12 rounds. When you are winded and your body is fatigued from movement, you will not be effective in anything that you do. This becomes a serious issue if you have to rely on your skills in the real world. Let’s say someone is going to rob you, or has stolen something from you, your martial arts skill set means nothing if you can’t chase them down. Stamina is key to improving your reach as a fighter and in self-defense.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Often called cardio, you need this and you need to work on this no matter what you’re training for. If you think that you’re going to be the next Bruce Lee, you won’t ever get there if you do not work on this. Continue reading

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Learning The Spiritual Side of Martial ArtsReligions can force the mind to close. Spirituality, however, doesn’t have the same kind of connotations. Even the hardest fought atheist will admit that there is something intangible about life, and there are no black and white answers beyond certain questions and reasons. Martial arts teaches spirituality in a way that most don’t realize. They do not have a finite understanding of what a student should learn. Think about the major religions today and they all have closed fist arguments. They think in a certain manner and that’s it, you can’t ask too many questions because you’re given a book and told it’s there. Studying self-defense will open you up to the possibility of finite and infinite knowledge and the purpose of focusing on this is because you can understand the bigger picture.

Embracing The Eternal

There’s a fluidity to martial arts as a whole. When you see a master in practice, when you see someone you admire doing the forms, throwing punches, kicks, and elevating the true essence of the discipline to all new heights, there’s an eternal concept to it. You may understand it in a finite manner, but if you think about the larger scope of the art, you will realize that there’s something that you cannot explain. There’s a perfection to the forms, something that can never be truly achieved, but there is a brush with it when you see it performed by a master. Continue reading

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